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European Camera Trade Shows

The massive, most successful camera fairs for amateurs, professionals and collectors in Germany

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coming camera-shows:  July - December 2024   free entry for visitors to all camera-shows!                                  




Jul. 6th `24      KARLSRUHE  / 5th International camera show

(Saturday)         Hermann-Ringwald-Halle / Schlossbergstr. 12


August              no events planed




Sep. 14th `24     FRANKFURT a. Main / 49. Int. Camera Show

(Suturday)          Gewerkschaftshaus / W.-Leuschner-Str. 69-77


Sep. 21th `24     DORTMUND / 76th International Camera Show

(Saturday)          Gartenverein Vorwaerts / Bauernkamp 98


Sep. 28th `24     HAMBURG / 117th  International Camera Show

(Saturday)          Max-Kramp-Haus / Duvenstedter Markt 8




Oct.  5th `24     BERLIN / 98th International camera show

(Saturday)         CVJM  / Karl-Heinrich-Ulrichs-Str. 10


Oct. 19th `24     ESSEN / 40th International camera show

(Saturday)          Zeche Carl / Wilhelm-Nieswandt-Allee 100




Nov. 16th `24     SCHKEUDITZ / 54th Regional camera show

(Saturday)           Kulturhaus Sonne, Schkeuditz, Schulstr. 10




Dec. 14th `24     KOELN / 36th International Camera Show

(Saturday)          Buergerzentrum Engelshof / Oberstr. 96


open to the public:            10 AM - 3 PM 

free entry for visitors to all camera-shows!

exhibitors setup:                 8 AM - 10 AM

table price for exhibitors:  

half table 50 EUR / standard table 75 EUR / two tables 120 EUR

Exhibitors information. How to participate ?

Download your exhibitors table reservation form on the links in german, english, french, italian language:

Exhibitors Reservationsform  (PDF english)

Fiche de Reservation   (PDF french)

Iscrizione per gli Espositori  (PDF italian)

Ausstelleranmeldeformular  (PDF deutsch)

After you have downloaded the PDF exhibitors registration form, filled it out online, signed and saved it, you can either send the form as an email attachment or print it out and send it in by post or fax.

The organizer will send a confirmation to the return adress. The confirmation is the receive for the payment and shows exhibitors  table number.

Exhibitors who book more than two sales tables and use themselves receive special conditions. (20% discount)

In the case of the necessary cancellation an event, the organizer alone bears the risk of failure. All Payments already made for the camera-shows table rental will either be reimbursed in full or, at the exhibitors request, offset against the sales table rental for a follow-up event booked by the exhibitor.

free entry for visitors to all camera-shows!

General Information 

The European-Camera-Shows in Berlin, Dortmund, Essen, Frankfurt a.Main, Hamburg, Karlsruhe, Koeln and Leipzig are massiv events with exhibitors and visitors from Germany, Europe and Overseas.

free PDF downloads:

Kameraboersen 2024

Camera Shows Germany 2024

Foire Internationale Allemande 2024

Mostra Mercato Germania 2024

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